Monday, November 19, 2007

review about tv series -KAMI-

Today i would like to share wit u all about the new tv series in malaysia...
it has been play at channel 8 a few month ago.. the title is 'KAMI' it have 8 series...

KAMI The Series follows the individual storiesof a group of five friends and the events that lead them to find each other.

LYN is a small town girl who dreams of pursuing journalism and traveling around the world. In her spare time she writes her own fanzine called KAMI under the pseudonym Teka Teki. Independent and streetwise, Lynn makes extra pocket money by selling her fanzines and her homework to the kids at school. But in an attempt to gain more cash to replace her old computer she unwittingly gets herself embroiled with a drug-dealer named Boy forcing her mother to make the decision to move the family to KL.
As they adjust to life in the big city, Lynn soon finds herself making new friends.

There is ALI who struggles with a lack of self-esteem that gets in the way of making and performing his own music and who finds himself having to cope with his parents’ crumbling marriage due to his father’s failing business. As his family makes necessary changes that include pulling Ali out of private boarding school and selling off his sister’s apartment, Ali watches as the family is slowly torn apart.

More comfortable portraying herself as the airhead flirt SOFIE is in fact the smartest of the group, aching to be taken seriously for her brains rather than her looks. But growing up in her mother’s two failed marriages and having to put up with her mother’s ongoing attempts at grooming her into the perfect trophy wife feed on her insecurities and eat into her brief but intense relationship with Ali.

The joker of the group, ABU is Ali’s steadfast friend and the girls’ willing ally whose tragic past leads him into a self-destructive cycle of petty theft and gang fights that all but severs his relationship with his father.

ADII, Ali’s cousin,is the rock that holds the group together doing her best to deal with the embarrassing situations she is put in by her mother’s hearing problem. But the mysterious disappearance of a guy she met on the Internet holds her back from moving on fully with her life.

As they each deal with their personal conflict, they learn that they are all on the same road to self-discovery and can no longer avoid coming to terms with self-doubt, relationships, parental pressures and the angst of living the banalities of life in the suburbs.

With the future of adult responsibilities closing in on them, the five friends take comfort in the one thing they can count on – their friendship – and music to define the most confusing time of their lives – the teenage years.

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